SUPER SUMMER: Meadowood Youth will be taking a trip to OBU this week to participate in Super Summer! Pray for these students and leaders as they gather in Shawnee for this spectacular retreat!

Sunday Services @ 9:30am | Community Groups at 10:30am

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Prayer Opportunities

Meadowood has created a prayer board where you can post your own prayer requests and select posted cards that can guide your prayers for specific needs in our community and in Mid-Del at large.

Throughout August and September, the prayer ministry is inviting Meadowood to pray specifically for the schools in our area. As schools (and students and their families) continue to adjust to a post-Covid restrictions environment, our prayers on their behalf can be effective in easing that transition.

So stop by the prayer board in the "Roller Coaster Hallway"—it's on your way to the Worship Center each Sunday—and post/grab a prayer request or two!

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