UPDATE: We'd love to worship with you in person or online. Beginning September 13, our worship service will begin at 9:30am. You can view the live stream at Facebook or here on our website. Community Groups will start at 10:30.

Sunday Worship Service @ 9:30am. Community Groups at 10:30am.

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FOCUS Classes

Every Sunday until March 8, 2020

5:30pm – 6:30pm

Category: Focus Classes

FOCUS Classes offer the Meadowood family and guests an opportunity to dig deeper each week as we study the Bible together and discuss various topics of interest to the Christian life. These subjects will change from semester to semester, but we're sure you'll be able to find a class that interests you and assists you in your walk. The hour-long classes meet each Sunday night throughout the schoolyear.

*Adult Signups are available in the Fellowship Hall.

*Children's Classes (PreK through 5th Grade) are available.

*Childcare for 3 years and under is available to FOCUS Class participants only.

*Youth FOCUS Classes begin January 26.

Spring 2020 Classes Beginning January 19: 

trustworthycoverTrustworthy by Lysa TerKeuerst (Ladies Bible Study)

Room 407, Adult Wing

When hard times come and it seems God is deviating from the plan we assume our life should follow, we’re more likely to want to tame God, not trust Him. It’s then that we begin to press into our ways and our own timing. No human can carry the weight of being their own god, but so many of us try.
In this 6-session study of 1 and 2 Kings, join Lysa TerKeurst in Israel as she honestly reveals the places of distrust in her own heart while exploring the deeply applicable Scriptures that will teach us how to truly trust God. Led by Debbie Epling.

(Materials for this class are $18. You can find your own or purchase with the group.)


onguardcoverOn Guard by William Lane Craig

Room 413, Adult Wing

This concise guide is filled with illustrations, sidebars, and memorizable steps to help Christians stand their ground and defend their faith with reason and precision. In his engaging style, Dr. Craig offers four arguments for God's existence, defends the historicity of Jesus' personal claims and resurrection, addresses the problem of suffering, and shows why religious relativism doesn't work. Along the way, he shares his story of following God's call in his own life.

This one-stop, how-to-defend-your-faith manual will equip Christians to advance faith conversations deliberately, applying straightforward, cool-headed arguments. They will discover not just what they believe, but why they believe-and how being on guard with the truth has the power to change lives forever. Led by Darryl Snow.

(Materials for this class are $11, but are not requiered to participate.)


disruptivecoverDisruptive Witness: Speaking the Truth in a Distracted Age by Alan Noble

Meadowood Chapel

We live in a distracted, secular age. These two trends define life in Western society today. We are increasingly addicted to habits―and devices―that distract and "buffer" us from substantive reflection and deep engagement with the world. And we live in what Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor calls "a secular age"―an age in which all beliefs are equally viable and real transcendence is less and less plausible.

Drawing on Taylor's work, Alan Noble describes how these realities shape our thinking and affect our daily lives. Too often Christians have acquiesced to these trends, and the result has been a church that struggles to disrupt the ingrained patterns of people's lives. But the gospel of Jesus is inherently disruptive: like a plow, it breaks up the hardened surface to expose the fertile earth below.

In this book Noble lays out individual, ecclesial, and cultural practices that disrupt our society's deep-rooted assumptions and point beyond them to the transcendent grace and beauty of Jesus. Disruptive Witness casts a new vision for the evangelical imagination, calling us away from abstraction and cliché to a more faithful embodiment of the gospel for our day. Led by Brodie Smith.

(Materials for this class are $10, but are not required to participate.)


strangerWelcoming the Stranger

Room 409, Adult Wing

This class is a continuation of last semester's study, in which participants spend time getting to know the "strangers" around us and how we can serve them and share/live the gospel in compelling, grace-fueled ways.

You will be amazed at what you will discover as we address the critical issue of immigration reform and how the church (individual and global) can better extend compassion and care in concrete ways to those who come/have come to us. Led by Carlos and Debra Simonini.

(Materials for this class are $13.)


If you have any questions about these classes, feel free to contact Jay Ramer.



Meadowood Kids FOCUS Class:

Children will have their own FOCUS Classes covering a brand new study based on Priscilla Shirer's popular The Prince Warriors series of books.

For more information about this special class for kids, contact Amy Campbell.