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Advent Daily Devotional: Introduction


This year has been a wild one, hasn’t it? As we draw it to a close, let’s just think about what we’ve been through here at Meadowood. We were forced to leave our Worship Center because of a storm that removed our roof and poured 3” of rain into our building. We lost nearly every physical thing in our Worship Center that day. Our sound system, projectors, instruments, lighting, pews, carpet, sheet rock walls, and many other things were lost. We were forced to gather in the Fellowship Hall for services. It wasn’t optimal, but week after week our brothers and sisters in Christ cheerfully fathered to worship and the work continued. In the midst of the restoration of our building, we voted to replace the roofs, build a welcome center among other projects needed to keep our building in good shape.

Here is where the ominous music begins on this documentary timeline. March of 2020 hit and the entire nation is forced to close due to the Covid19 pandemic. We were forced to provide worship services online each Sunday, but every other ministry and activity was canceled. It’s been quite a tumultuous year, but in the midst of that, we are blessed, aren’t we?

One of my favorite Meadowood traditions occurs during Advent season. Each week a family or a group of friends is asked to light the Advent candle. The families often ask a younger member to read Scripture or light candle, and it is such a blessing to watch. Seeing members of our church family on stage is a terrific thing. It is so wonderful to share a church family with so many great people.

Oftentimes we pass each other in the halls of the church weekly but never stop to ask them deeper questions. Their background, their families, maybe even their vocation. But the effort here is to see how our fellow Meadowood families celebrate Jesus’ birth and learn a little more about our church family.

I hope you enjoy their stories.

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