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40 Days of Prayer


Dear Meadowood Family,

Beginning October 1st I am asking that all of us pray daily at 12 noon. Wherever you are you can say a silent prayer asking the Lord to show His mercy and grace to our nation and the world.

I am asking that we do this throughout the months of October and end on November 9th.

This will be 40 days of praying. There is not anything magical about 40 days. We have good examples set for us by Moses in Exodus 34:27,28 and more importantly by Jesus in Matthew 4:1,2.

There are so many challenges our nation and the world faces.

Covid 19 has disrupted the lives of millions world wide. We should pray for families of the victims of the virus, for a vaccine to be discovered, for people who have the virus to recover. Thankfully millions have recovered.

We need to pray for the national and state elections.

The Declaration declares what the Bible teaches that we derive our rights from God. Governments are not to grant rights, they are to protect the rights God has given to us. There are those in our country who feel governing officials should tell us what rights we can and cannot have.

Dependent on how the elections go will determine whether we stay a democratic republic or whether we move to socialism. These state and national elections are the most critical of our lifetime.

I pray we do not throw away the Judeo Christian principles our country was founded upon.

Pray for Amy Coney Barrett and her husband, Jesse, and their 7 children.

People who know her—whether they are Republican, Democrat, or Independent—say she is immensely qualified to serve as a judge on the Supreme Court. Pray that she and her family can be at peace now and during the confirmation hearing as she is already being verbally assaulted with vile and vicious verbiage by liberals who despise her because of her beliefs in the Lord and the Constitution. I pray for her confirmation to the Court.

Pray for the violence that is occurring in America. Mayors of cities and governors of states could stop it if they wanted to. Pray that they would.

There is not just violence in the streets of our cities but homes as well. Since the shutdown domestic violence and child abuse has risen dramatically and problematic drinking has increased 14%. We need to pray that all shutdowns would cease, that people can get back to work, and that all of us would be respectful of one another.

We should pray for teachers and students as they are facing new challenges in their effort to educate our students both in the classroom and online.

Pray for history teachers that they would teach history as it occurred, the good and the bad. Pray they would not revise history to satisfy a particular ideology that does not tell the truth about our nation’s founding and espouses our nation’s sins while ignoring the great good America has done, not just for our citizens, but the world.

Most importantly, pray for spiritual awakening. The greatest need in any life is the need to know Jesus Christ.

"The greatest need in any life is the need to know Jesus Christ."—Bob Rutherford

Laws of the land can restrain sinful behavior for awhile, but they cannot change a life inside, they cannot infuse a person with the life of God, they cannot grant forgiveness, they cannot provide eternal life. Only Jesus the Savior of the world can provide these blessings and more. Pray that millions could know Him.

Finally pray that believers would love Jesus supremely, that we would love each other even when at times we have differing opinions, and pray we would love the world even when the world does not love us.

Right before the crucifixion Jesus said this, "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." John 13:34,35

If believers do not love each other, the world will not identify us as disciples of Jesus and they will have a diminishing view of the Biblical message we proclaim. Pray that believers love each other. Pray as well that we love the world with the love of Christ. Jesus loves the world, if we are going to impact people with the Gospel we must love them.

To do this we must pray for the Lord to enable us.

I hope all of us will take seriously this call to prayer.

God bless you everyday.



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