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Mother's Day Is a Special Day


This Sunday is Mother's Day.

Many of us have the privilege of having wonderful mothers and wives who are excellent mothers to our children.

All of you ladies who enrich our lives as our mothers and wives, we give praise to the Lord Jesus for the gift of you. There are not enough words to express the immeasurable good you have provided for our families, church and community.

I hope all husbands and children will take the time to express your deep love for your mothers and wives, and not just on Mother's Day, but often throughout the year.

I know there are some ladies who do not have children of their own. They may be married or unmarried. Yet women such as these may, in reality, be like a mother to the children and young people they are involved with. For all the ladies like this, thank you for the extremely important role you play in the lives of so many. 

If there is a lady like this for you, please share your love and gratefulness for her on Mother's Day.

I am certainly aware, as I write this, that there are children and teenagers who do not have mothers. Either their mother is deceased or sadly some have been abandoned by their moms. 

If you are in that situation, my heart goes out to you.

I would just encourage you to invest your trust and your life to Jesus.

Jesus can comfort our hearts under any circumstances. 

Then, look for good in your life. Maybe you are being raised by your father or a grandparent. They have a big task trying to fulfill the roles that a father and mother should fulfill.

Be grateful for them. Pray for them. Love them. Be respectful of them. They deserve this response from you if they are trying to be a good parent to you. 

Your life will be much happier if you respond in these ways to them. 

If you are being raised by your dad or a grandparent, express your gratitude on Mother's Day and Father's Day. 

May our wonderful Savior bless all of you.



Thank you Bob for tahe wonderful words of love of Jesus and family. You are an exceptional pastor.
My sentiments exactly! Thanks you for your thoughtful thoughts! Alice & Noel
Very good advice

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