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Back to School: A Call to Focused Prayer


I received this letter from Dr. Cordell Ehrich.

In the Mid-Del area we are blessed to have a number of administrators, principals, teachers, and coaches who are followers of the Lord Jesus. Dr. Ehrich is the Executive Director for Secondary Instruction. His letter was so encouraging I wanted to share it with you:

Dear Pastoral Staff,

Hello, my name is Cordell Ehrich and I am the Executive Director of Secondary Instruction with Mid-Del Public Schools. I am reaching out to you to ask if you would please pray for us this year?


It is an honor that the Lord has blessed me to be a part of Mid-Del Public Schools, and I know that it is only through His grace I am able to lead. Each summer as I plan the upcoming year, I spend time praying for our students, staff, schools, and community. I am blessed to have praying administrators, staff and parents; yet, I know it is not enough to just have us praying. I would be blessed to have you and your church body join with us.


One of the reasons I felt called to lead middle school and high school age students is the wonderful opportunity to speak into their identity as young adults. Today's pre-teens are bombarded with so much media and peer pressure telling them who they should be, add that to their struggles in their homes and everyday challenges, and it creates quite a lot of emotional stress. I watch the majority of our secondary students struggle with direction and approval from their peers. My prayer for our dear students is that they would find their true calling and identity in life. I would ask that you pray for them to have hope, healthy relationships, and discover their true identity.


A large number of our students also come from either broken homes, mixed-families, poverty, or abuse; or multiples of these. Would you please pray that God gives us, as leaders in secondary schools, wisdom in working with these students, whose home life may be challenging for them, and daily grace to love them when they are having a 'hard to love' moment or season? Our secondary administrators and staff truly love every student they work with in their high school and middle schools, and as educators our schools are charged to try and identify all of our students that are struggling. You can imagine sometimes we don't always know every student's need(s). Would you please pray for wisdom and discernment for us to find and help these potentially at-risk students?


As I write this letter, I am thankful for a community around Mid-Del Public Schools that prays. Thank you in advance for your faithfulness to serve our community in prayer. I know I have only shared three specific prayer requests, but please feel unlimited in your prayers for us! I would covet any prayers the Lord would lay on your heart for our secondary schools.



Cordell Ehrich, Executive Director of Secondary Instruction

I want to urge each of us to pray for our administrators, teachers, and coaches as they invest their lives with our students.

Especially pray for the students. Boys and girls in elementary and teenagers in Middle School and High School face tremendous challenges. They as well have great opportunities.

We need to pray they will take advantage of the opportunities and conquer the challenges they face. 

We definitely should pray for believers in our schools both adult leaders and students that they will grow closer to the Lord Jesus and be totally dependent on Him.

We also must pray for those that do not have Jesus as their Savior that they might make the greatest decision in life by accepting Him as their Savior and Lord.

May the Lord grant a great school year in Mid-Del, all the school districts in Oklahoma, all those involved in Home Schools, and all the private schools.


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