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A Week to Remember


The week leading up to the death and resurrection of Jesus was extremely eventful, traumatic, and ultimately triumphant for our Lord.

When Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday He was praised by some. His identity was questioned by many because they didn't know who He was. 

The Savior then dealt with corrupt money changers in the temple and in the following few days He was being approached by Scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees attempting to trick Him into giving a wrong answer to their questions.

Jesus knew one of His disciples (Peter) would deny Him. He knew another (Judas) who was not a true follower, would betray Him. He knew what Jewish and Roman leaders and soldiers were going to do to Him. He knew of the unmerciful beating He would be subjected to by them.

Jesus knew what was coming at the cross. The horror of that was not His physical death. It was the fact that He would be the recipient of God's wrath poured out on Him for the sins of mankind.

That thought caused Jesus to experience profound despair. He said as the moment approached, "My soul is grieved to the point of death."

After prayer in Gethsemane Jesus courageously faced the outpouring of hate from sinful people, the burden of the cross receiving the judgment and punishment for the sins of the world upon Himself, and then He died.

One could read of this and think, "How tragic, an innocent life destroyed." On the day Jesus died that is how it appeared to His followers. To them that was the day hope died, but they were mistaken. On Sunday Jesus conquered death. The One who died came back to life.

Before it ever occurred Jesus had told His disciples on numerous occasions this will happen, "I will die, but I will rise again."

In those events the greatest enemies of mankind were defeated, Satan, sin, and death.

What a week that was in the life of Jesus.

What does this week mean to you? For numbers of people the world over it means nothing because they have no regard for the Lord Jesus. For others who have heard of His death and resurrection, they may attend a service at Easter as a means of paying a tribute to Christ but that is the extent of their thoughts in regards to Jesus. These give no thought to surrendering their lives to the Lord. Then there is the true disciple of Christ. For those of us committed to Him this should be a week of reflection, recommitment, prayer, thanksgiving, and praise to the One who gave His life for us.

Because He died and rose from the grave we are free from the condemnation of sin, we have victory over death, we have eternally triumphed over Satan, and presently we can experience the love, joy, peace, and hope that Jesus provides for His followers.

I pray this will be a worshipful, blessed, and joyous Easter for you and your family.

Praise God, He is Risen!!!


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What a wonderful feeling to know that Christ loved us so much, even in our sinful nature, that He died for us. This should be the most significant time for celebrating, for if He hadn't sacrificed Himself for us, we wouldn't be a faithful family today.
God Bless

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