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Advent Daily Devotional: December 3


December 3 by Elaine and Laura Huskey

Reading: Matthew 1:5-6, 16

Many of us take pride in knowing our heritage. Knowing where our families lived and who we are is an exciting adventure many of us like to go on. Discovering your heritage can give you a sense of belonging and fill you with a curiosity to find out more. This is especially fulfilling when the knowledge of family history has been lost over the years. Becoming reconnected can feel empowering and help us feel like we found our place.

As followers of Christ, we have a spiritual lineage with Jesus. In the same way, our spiritual lineage with Christ gives us a feeling of belonging that's far greater than our physical lineage. As followers of Christ, our lineage crosses borders and languages. A heritage like the one Jesus gives us can't ever be lost. We will always have a place with God through Jesus, even when other people reject us. God has a purpose and fulfillment for us. He gives us a place to belong and offers us comfort and peace.

The joy of finding out more about our heritage should apply to our walk with Christ as well. There is always something new to learn when we read our Bibles and spend time with God in prayer. Our desire to know God grows the more time we spend with Him.

Our joy must be in finding out more about God's Word, growing in our walk with Christ, and being confident in our heritage in Chrst.

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