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Advent Daily Devotional: December 1


Written by Brodie Smith

Reading: John 1:6-8

Light. It’s the first of God’s creations at the beginning of the biblical text. And John kicks off his gospel account introducing us to the one who introduces the Light as Christ enters the world to redeem it.
Can you imagine 400 years of spiritual darkness?
In our day and age, it’s tough for us to fathom minutes of darkness let alone centuries. But that is exactly what set in on this planet at the close of the age of the Old Testament prophets. God had given His people these heralds to point them Godward and draw them back to Himself.
But then it’s as if the Father had reached the point like we do as parents when we say “Fine! Have it your way and see what happens!” That’s how it played out in Israel. For 400 years.
God knew we couldn’t handle the fullness of His arrival. In His grace, He sent us a herald once more, the last of The Prophets who would proclaim a new light was about to dawn.
John—the man we affectionately refer to as “The Baptist”—was given to help us prepare for the arrival of God in the flesh. Much as our eyes need time to adjust to a flood of light, God primes our world for the unexpected.
If you’ve ever been in a dark room when the lights come on, it can not only take some time to adjust but can also be quite painful. Your eyes aren’t built for sudden light.
Our world wasn’t ready either, which is why God sent John the Baptist to help acclimate us to the arrival of the true light. How gracious God is to give us a chance to warm up to His arrival! It is overwhelming and unsettling.
One of our family’s favorite musical artists is David Crowder, and one of the last songs the band that bore his name produced was “All This Glory.” It speaks to the cosmic shift from spiritual darkness and God-silence to the fullness of His glory displayed as His Son steps to the forefront to make redemption available to us all:
“In the middle of the night, all this light.

In the middle of the night, all this light.

In the middle of the night, after all this quiet.

Jesus! God with us!

Jesus Christ has come, and I’m undone!”

John was sent so that we might see the Light and respond accordingly. How will you respond this Christmas season?

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