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Advent Daily Devotional: December 16


December 16 by Linda Curry

Reading: Luke 2:4-7

From Mary’s encounter with the angel and the overwhelming news that as a virgin she would carry and give birth to God’s son she declared that she was His servant. I can only imagine some of the questions that must have gone through her mind about parenting God’s son. She was in her ninth month of pregnancy when she and Joseph had to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem to register for the census. They couldn’t mail in a form or send it by way of the internet. It was not a weekend getaway for them before the baby’s arrival. No, it was a three day journey. Joseph walked along side of Mary. She rode on the back of a donkey without the comfort of a vehicle with cushioned seats, Bluetooth, and a movie to watch.

Finally Bethlehem was in sight. They soon found that there were no rooms available. Joseph kept looking for a room with some comforts but Mary was exhausted and would have taken anything! All the time I believe she was still saying in her heart “I don’t get any of this but still I am your servant and I trust that your plan is best.” This was the birth of her first born and the place and surroundings couldn’t have been more beautiful to her. From his first cry she held him close to her heart. She wrapped him is strips of cloth to help keep him warm.His crying stopped as she held him close and probably sang to him.

As she laid him in a manger I think Mary understood her precious child was fully man and fully God. She was holding Immanuel, God was in her arms as a host of Angels sang “Glory to God in the Highest! From the manger to the cross He humbled himself to follow the Father’s plan for our redemption.

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