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Advent Daily Devotional: December 17


December 17 by Susan Overton

Reading: Luke 2:8-11

I have always been drawn to the Peanuts gang. I grew up watching all the holiday Peanuts specials on television, and I still watch them with my family as an adult. Each year when "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" airs, it is an indication that the holidays are just around the corner.

I have become such a fan of the characters that, over the years, I have accrued a Snoopy collection that has spread to two rooms of my house. One of my favorite displays is a toy Peanuts Nativity Scene I purchased at Toys R Us years ago. These characters have become a permanent fixture in my living room, and seeing them makes me think about Linus telling Charlie Brown what Christmas is all about, as he recites the good news written in these verses. The display has also become a conversation piece at times, allowing me the opportunity to share with visitors in my home about God's gift of Jesus Christ.

We all need a reminder from time to time of God’s gift of salvation, which would not be possible if Jesus had never been born. God chose not to come as a vaillant earthly king to stay tucked away and protected from the general population. He instead chose to be born into a common family in order to live among the people so He could get to know and influence as many as He could. What better love is there than giving His life for those He truly came to know on a personal level? Today, and all year long, let us strive to have a personal relationship with the One who loved us enough to humble Himself to come to earth and serve us on a personal level.

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