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Advent Daily Devotional: December 9


December 9 by Chris Campbell

Reading: Luke 1:41-42

Does Christmas make you smile? Hopefully, something about the season brings back happy memories to all of us. Whether it is the smell of cookies, the twinkle of lights, or though of all those presents under the perfect tree something about the season makes us smile. But before all the parties and pageantry of our current celebrations, there was merely the presence of another to cause joy and exclamation.

For Elizabeth, having her relative, Mary, come visit was cause for excitement. So much so that she was filled with the Holy Spirit to proclaim a blessing, calling her “the mother of my Lord.” Simply having Mary come to her house was cause for celebration because Mary had been chosen to carry the Lord – the Messiah. Indeed, an honor for Mary.

But Elizabeth was not the only one to express joy. John the Baptist, the child still in the Elizabeth’s womb, leaped for joy at the arrival of not just Mary. He leaped for joy at the coming of Jesus. The Kingdom of God was coming soon, and in the most unlikely form – a tiny, helpless babe. Even as a baby himself, John recognized the preeminence of the Son of God. The coming of the Messiah is cause for celebration! He brings light, life, and hope to a world in darkness, sin, and death. “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of world!” is John the Baptist’s proclamation as an adult (John 1:29). But as a baby himself, the extent of John’s ability to proclaim the coming of the Messiah is to jump for joy!

So who makes you smile this Christmas? Does telling others of the hope and joy you have in Jesus Christ excite you like it did John?

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