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Fall FOCUS: Week 1


Grab your Bible and enjoy this six-week study of 1 and 2 Peter led by our own executive pastor Jay Ramer.

Each Sunday evening at 6:00, we'll post a video lesson from Jay for you to watch and learn. You are also welcome to leave comments below, but please know they will be moderated to ensure an environment that fosters community and growth.

Week 1:



Thank you Jay for another very good lesson. We are blessed in so many ways. Sometimes we don’t realize how much until we stop and think about it. Everything we have and even thff Ed small things we usually don’t think about.
Thank you Jay so much I always loved your studies. You present them in ways for me to understand. I see things brought on us thru this epidemic, people having to be innovative, learning new ways to help each each other. My favorite blessings have come from sing alongs to shut ins thru windows, under patios, sitting kn open garages or on front porches. the joy you see as they sing along our wonderful old hymns that tell such precious stories from the bible. I have been blessed!! And now to enjoy your country background!!!❤️❤️
Very good lesson, Jay!! I am looking for new ways to show grace and peace in this time of Covid-19, where we are isolated from family and friends. This might be a good time to go back to comforting and encouraging others by snail mail. Reaching out more to others who are depressed or sick with cards, homemade cards, or letters is a possibility. Thank you for the lesson. Peaceful, perfect setting! The cows behind you were well behaved. We looked for the cross of St. Peter, but Webroot wouldn't allow me to insert it. Thank you so much for the lesson.
Great lesson and such a beautiful sitting. I am still having to think about Jay's challenge. Good food for thought and to put into action.

Peter is an interesting character to say the least. I think we identify with him so easily because of how emphatic he is about his commitment to Jesus even though he often suffers from foot-in-mouth disease (at least in the Gospels).

As far as my feel-good story, I really like The Majestic. It's got a great setting and a fun, though a bit far-fetched story (not just because it's Jim Carrey in a normal acting role).

Thank you for this Focus class
You did a wonderful job and brought new insight into Peter

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