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Healing the Land

Meadowood Family,

May 6th was the National Day of Prayer. Hopefully each of us took time to pray for our nation.

There are overwhelming needs in America that only the Lord Jesus can supply, and He will do that only when we humble ourselves, repent of our sins, and seek Him. 

I believe we should also thank the Lord that we have the privilege to live in America. Our nation was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles.

Our forefathers cherished freedom for the citizens of our country.

America has not been a perfect country and never will be. 

We are, however, a country where progress has been made through the years. 

Americans have owned up to mistakes and gone to great extremes to correct them. The Civil War is the most profound example I can think of. Americans fought against Americans with hundreds of thousands dying for the purpose of ending slavery.

Americans have fought in two world wars protecting not just our country but other nations of the world from the onslaughts of dictatorial tyrants. 

When natural disasters have occured in various parts of the earth, Americans have led the way in providing relief and recovery. 

Now we are living in a time when people are propagating the idea that America is a horrible country, that we are a racist nation. That is not true.

Has there been racism in America? Yes!

Is there presently racism in America? Yes!

Will there always be racism? Yes!

This is true because man is sinful.

This is why you can find racism and all sorts of other evil practices wherever you go in the world.

By the way, racism, just like all others sins, is not limited to one color of people. You find it in all colors of people. 

When we think of our country the majority of Americans are not racists! America is not a racist nation!

When I observe the moral breakdown as seen in the acceptance of all sorts of behavior the Lord says is perverted...

When I witness the continual devaluation of life as the practice of abortion continues...

When I see our government giving money to our citizens for doing nothing, which inspires a dependence on government and laziness among our citizenry...

When I see our leaders spend recklessly, we are presently $30 trillion in debt and some leaders want to spend more...

When I see that we enter into agreements with nations that are our sworn enemies...

When I see the attacks on Christ, His followers, and biblical teachings...

All these observable signs signal the dangerous position our nation is in and our desperate need for the Lord's healing power.

In light of all that is going on in the United States, I still have hope!

One reason is because many Americans are seeing and reacting against these wrongs I have mentioned. 

The main reason I have hope is because of the Lord's involvement in our lives. 

He has promised in II Chronicles 7:14, if His people will repent and seek Him, He will heal our land.

With that being true, I urge you to view every day as a National Day of Prayer and to faithfully tell others about the Lord Jesus and the great change that only He can produce in them. 




Did you know Meadowood has a prayer ministry you can participate in? You don't have to be a "good pray-er". Contact Patsy Cellier on Sunday or the church office throughout the week to learn how you can participate. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Prayer requests can be placed in the offering plate on Sunday mornings, put in the recepticle box at the information center or phoned in to the church office.

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