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Advent Daily Devotional: December 30


December 30 by Jim Young

Reading: Luke 2:51

Luke 2:51 is a verse like many others that has been read and heard many times throughout my Christian life that didn’t lend much credence to my personal spiritual life. However, this one small verse tells us a lot about this 12 year old boy. 

After the first mention of Jesus’ awareness that He was God’s Son and even though He new His real Father, Jesus DID NOT reject His earthly parents. He went back to Nazareth with them and lived under their authority for years to come. 

‘God’s people” do not despise human relationships that He has placed in our lives or family responsibilities either. If the Son of God obeyed His human parents how much more should we honor our family members!

Also, don’t use commitment to God’s work to justify neglecting your family - NLT Bible

To me, verse 51 sets up verse 52in this way: What a letdown that must have been!

To go back to “boring” Nazareth after the excitement of Jerusalem. To go back to daily chores of carrying water and cleaning up the carpenter shop after discussing theology with leading Rabbis in the temple! Yet He continues to grow spiritually.

Sounds to me that He was extremely Faithful. Also, tells me that spiritual growth should be focused in two directions: Toward God and toward others.

This verse includes the second time in chapter 2 that Mary is described as “treasuring and storing these things in her heart”. First time was after the shepherds worshipped her newborn Son in the stable. And this time, Mary being a normal earthly parent, may have said, “Jesus, what were you thinking? You scared us, we couldn’t find you!” (Possibly words you’ve heard in your own household?) Obviously before her “heart treasuring”.

And I can’t help but think after her parental reprimand that her thoughts went to “I certainly want to be a responsible parent, but after all he is Jesus!” Maybe her spiritual understanding kicked in? Maybe she was realizing God’s character?

“I’ve just been through an anxious, emotional and frightening event here!”

But Mary realized that God’s promises are real. He’s in control and will help her eventually understand her place in Jesus’ life.

Jesus had told his mother that “He was in His Father’s House." Another reminder to Mary that her son, being the Son of God, was committed to God's purpose above all else.

I’m sure we’ve all heard this before, but this time of year is always a great time to focus on a couple of very important priorities: Is my relationship with God what it should be? Is my relationship with others what it should be? 

Guess it’s time to “treasure”and “store” these things in our hearts!

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