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Falls Creek: Strategic Prayer


It seems like everyone in Oklahoma has a Falls Creek story—or several. Each summer, thousands of Oklahoma’s youth converge on the famous campground over the course of seven weeks. They gather for fun, fellowship and to immerse themselves in the heart and Word of God.

For more than 100 years, Falls Creek has served the churches of this state and surrounding states by providing a place for God and youth to collide.

This week, Meadowood has sent a large group of youth, sponsors, cooks and guests for the annual adventures at Falls Creek, and we invite you to take time each day to pray for them. We may not be able to go, but that doesn’t limit our abilities to lift all those who are going before the Father.

Pray that everyone will travel safely to (and from) the camp. With thousands of students and sponsors on the road Monday in addition to the usual traffic, there is always an increased possibility of accidents and injuries. May God guide all those driving and allow them to arrive safely.

Ask God to do mighty things in their hearts and to captivate them with His glory as they worship Him, study the Bible and grow together.

Plead with the Father to limit all distractions so that He will shine even more brightly in their hearts. There's not only a lot of people at Falls Creek, there's also a lot to do. And we mean A LOT! It can be all too easy to be captivated by the fun and new friends and lose sight of the bigger things going on. Even the large gatherings and worship experiences can detract from the voice of God speaking in the heart. May God focus their attention on His Word and His work in them.

Praise Him for providing such a unique atmosphere to unplug from the normal rhythms and pressures of life and for His willingness to meet with them individually and corporately. There's no place quite like Falls Creek, and we're blessed to be so close to this one-of-a-kind experience.

Adore Him for willingly giving His Son in their place at Calvary. Jesus died on a cross and rose again so that each of them might have the chance to forsake sin and live with Him forever. If they haven’t yet, we pray it will become a reality this week. Falls Creek can’t save anyone, but it provides an opportunity for a broad number of youth to hear and respond to the gospel.

May our prayers be ceaseless as we lift up these students and sponsors throughout their week at the Creek.

As you pray through these this, think over your own Falls Creek experience(s). Do you have any stories to tell? Feel free to post them in the comments below.

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