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Merry Christmas, Meadowood!


Christmas is a time to take it all in.

Each year, Christmas rolls around, forcing us to pause. We remember, and we look ahead. We think of the Christmases we knew growing up. The laughter and fun. The celebrations big and small we shared with others.

We also consider the many adventures we have experienced to get us to another Christmas. The discouragements. The victories. The struggles at work and at home. The unexpected intrusions of life. The joys of community. The roller coaster ride that family can bring.

Through it all, we have been carried safely through to once again remember the Almighty who has never once struggled under the burden of carrying us throughout the year. He has been so incredibly faithful.

But, we don’t stop with looking back.

We also turn our eyes to the new year and wonder. What will God bring us in the days that lay before us? How will He see us through? And whom will He bring alongside us to share in ministry and fellowship? Where will we be used to be a blessing and add value to the lives of others? How will our lives be leveraged for God’s glory? There is so much to look forward to!

We look back with gladness and we worship the One who has walked with us every step of the way. We glance ahead and worship the One who holds all of our future in His perfectly capable hands. Worship is our response to God’s activity in our lives.

We worship through singing. We worship through prayer. We worship through the reading and study of God’s Word. We worship through living Godly lives that display His great mercy available to all who would receive Him. We worship through laughter of loved ones gathered to celebrate. We worship through tears at the loss—both distant and fresh—we have experienced. We worship through giving ourselves for the good of those around us.

We worship in so many ways.

Regardless of how many presents are under your tree or how many people gather around your table, the greatest blessing you can enjoy today is the encouraging reminder that there is a God who loves you so indescribably much that He came to redeem you from all your sins and failures, to restore you to a right relationship with Him and to reward you with His everlasting presence and peace.

Above all this Christmas, remember: so great is God’s love for you that He sent His Son Jesus.

Worship the child in the manger. Worship the Savior on the cross. Worship the King risen and returning to make everything right once more, forevermore.

Merry Christmas, Meadowood! Rejoice!


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Thank you for this beautiful Christmas message -- what a wonderful message!!

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