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The Final Days of Jesus: Palm Sunday


Holy Week is a special time of our calendar, but we're so far removed from the events that actually took place, we can easily lose sight of the historical, cultural and theological background of what was happening to and around Jesus at the time.

Over the next week and with the help of some short videos from Crossway based on the book The Final Days of Jesus, we'll be posting a daily blog for you and your family to watch a video and walk with Jesus and others from Palm Sunday to His resurrection (Easter).

These provide a perfect opportunity for you to gather around before school or at the dinner table as a sort of devotional video for the week. It is our hope they might spark discussion and give everyone—young and old—a clearer picture of Holy Week as we remember and celebrate together.

First up is Palm Sunday, when Jesus enters Jerusalem at the beginning of the week of His imminent death.

Remember to check back tomorrow for the second part in this series.


Thank you for the excellent suggestion. We will work to provide video links that offer closed captions for the remaining posts.

Closed captions or written text would be good for those with hearing problems.

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