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The Final Days of Jesus: Saturday


There's no way to describe the experience of Jesus' followers on the morning after His death and burial. The Bible really doesn't give us much information about Holy Week's Saturday. We know it was the Sabbath, but something extraordinary had just taken place. It's almost as if God built a giant pause button into time and pressed it for an entire day to let everyone come to grips with these events.

Not having all the answers we might want doesn't stop us from asking questions. What was happening? If we know and believe Jesus died on Friday and then rose to life on Sunday, where was He/His spirit in between His death and resurrection? How were the disciples behaving on the first Sabbath after this movement came to a crushing halt? Was it just back to business as usual?

So Saturday leaves us with lots of questions, but a big answer is being readied, one that will alter history and the lives of countless people across the ages.

If you'd like closed captions, you can watch this video on YouTube.

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