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The Final Days of Jesus: Wednesday


With the growing numbers of people gathering in Jerusalem for Passover, the religious leaders grow increasingly frustrated with the thorn Jesus presents to Jewish life and belief. His teachings and signs haven gotten out of hand, and with the Passover and Sabbath approaching, these leaders determine something must be done to maintain status quo.

Once again, we're walking through the daily events of Holy Week as Jesus, His followers and His opponents experienced them. Based on the book The Finals Days of Jesus (published by Crossway), these short videos can be a helpful devotional for you and your family.

As we step into Wednesday, watch the video below and consider how things were evolving for those who opposed Jesus:

Closed captions are available by visiting YouTube.

If you have missed previous installments of Meadowood's Holy Week blog experience, be sure to check them out by clicking on the corresponding image below:

Palm Sunday








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