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The Final Days of Jesus: Resurrection Sunday


The most glorious of all days arrives. But what we look back on in celebration, the first followers of Jesus experienced firsthand. It must've been difficult because they didn't know what was to unfold. It was all so fresh and confusing. Though they had walked with Jesus over the course of several years, they still couldn't fathom that this was all really possible. Too much evidence and life experience showed them that it was over. The movement that showed such promise even a week ago was finished.

But as those followers gather themselves on Sunday morning and move toward the tomb following the Sabbath rest, everything starts to change. Though it will take some time to sink in, they begin arriving at a now-empty tomb that had been sealed with a large stone and guarded by Roman soldiers in the time since Jesus was buried. These were the first steps into the fullness of the gospel—the same gospel that has now been handed to us today.

And so we gather together to remember and to celebrate, for He. Is. Risen!

If you'd like closed captions, you can watch this video on YouTube.

This is the final post in our Holy Week blog experience based on the book The Final Days of Jesus published by Crossway. If you would like to see any of the previous videos, click the images below:

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